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Save at home: Easy ways to reduce your electricity usage

02 Apr 2020
With families being at home all day now during the Covid-19 lockdown, many people are seeing their electricity usage rocket, and are urgently looking for ways

Need help with your home loan? Act fast

01 Apr 2020
This week the Prudential Authority of the Reserve Bank has announced proposals to relax the reserve requirements for banks so that they are able to free up some

After the rate cut: What can property expect from Covid-19?

19 Mar 2020
Home-owners who wish to sell now should anticipate that the process could take an additional two to four months - and then only if they are working with an

Last chance for SA buyers in Lisbon and Porto

19 Mar 2020
South Africans planning to buy property in Portugal as part of a "Golden Visa" application for residency may have only a few months left to invest in the main c

Chas Everitt postpones NLC due to Covid-19

12 Mar 2020
With Covid-19 now having been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the number of infections in SA continuing to rise, the Chas Everitt

Green your world: Support 'deconstruction'

09 Mar 2020
The need to recycle, re-use and reduce is all too clear these days when it comes to electronics, plastics, appliances, furniture and even clothes, and now

From our CEO: Budget plus points

27 Feb 2020
This week's Budget was surprisingly positive, considering the really tough decisions that obviously had to be made to balance the national books while

Shifting gears: SA's treasure trove of options for the over-60s

14 Feb 2020
South Africa offers an exciting array of residential choices for senior home buyers and there is high demand in this sector of the real estate market from local

It's best to keep your home loan options open

11 Feb 2020
Only a small percentage of buyers can afford to pay cash for their homes, with the majority having to rely on home loans that can cost them up to 30% of their

From our CEO: Here's to sagacity

07 Feb 2020
Sagacity is the word that I think will - or should - apply to all discussions about the SA property market over the next 12 to 18 months, and to all actions tha
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